A friend recently told me that self actualization is a great thing. I’m going to have to disagree as of now. It was easier when I knew the things I hated about my self but didn’t care much to fix them. Now I see everything and despise myself even more for not trying to fix them earlier. Why did I have to wait for this huge crushing painful moment to see what I needed for me?

Oh I remember, because I was happy before. Ok. Lets not lie. I was in denial before.

2 thoughts on “Self Actualization

  1. I had a similar reaction when I had my period of self actualization a year or so back. Unfortunately it is more depressing in a way to be aware of your flaws and the limits as to what you can do about them as opposed to being in such a dark place that you do not care to fix them in the first place! Nonetheless, food for thought 🙂


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