My daughter has both ears pierced twice and wears beautiful diamond earrings in them all the time. They look amazing on her.

Before her volleyball tournament today she had to remove them because you can’t play with jewelry on. She usually remembers to put them in her bag but today she asked if I would hold them for her. I nodded and held out my hand. As she brought them to me she said “Don’t look at them they are dirty.” I didn’t think about it as she put them in my hand. I looked down and the backs were tarnished and there was crud in them. I put them into my pocket and I stopped and thought wow. I would of never guessed they were dirty because when she was wearing them they shined. But yes they were a little dirty.

That’s when it dawned on me. Life is like jewelry. If you took anybody’s jewelry off and closely looked at it you can see all the dirt. The crud that has built up and the tarnishing of the metals. But that’s only when you’re focused on one part of it. If you pull your eyes away from it and see the whole thing you will see that it’s still just as bright as it always have been. Maybe a little dirtier and maybe a little tarnished but it’s still just as beautiful as it always was as long as you take the time to appreciate it.

Don’t focus on the crud of your life. Don’t focus on a moment no matter how bad it is. Bring those eyes back and look at the whole picture and you will see the shine is and always will be there.

2 thoughts on “Polished or Tarnished?

  1. Nice analogy. It makes me think of the popular Instagrammers I follow and how their lives seem to ‘shine’. I know that’s not your intended meaning but it’s a helpful reminder for me right now.


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