Over the last 5 years I have become someone who I never thought was possible. I always thought I would be someone with a shitty dead end job always scraping by. Vehicles that are on their last legs and food stamps just to fill our bellies up at night because we had no money. That’s not me anymore. I started working harder then ever before. I went from one job, to having three jobs then back down to one job. I went from a job where I had no idea how many hours I will have to a full time job where I always know what I’m bringing home. It was a huge change. A drive inside me lit up and I wanted it all. I wanted my family to have everything I never thought was possible.

The past 8 months have been the largest change. A new job opened up a world to me I thought was never available. The light at the end of the tunnel got brighter day by day. I was able to do more for my family who have sacrificed so much while I worked hard to make ends meet. I can finally give them what I wanted to. It’s a beautiful feeling. To be able to show love to your family. To be able to look at them and see the smiles on their faces when you’re out to eat at dinner or watching their excitement as you tell them we can actually take a vacation. Just to appreciate them for standing by your side. All because you personally decided that you were going to give them the world.

The only reason this was possible was because I decided to change myself. I decided my family deserves better. I decided I was done with scraping by. I decided that the old me wasn’t enough. It was exhausting most of the time. Sometimes it seemed impossible. Yet, here I am, a changed man and I’m still changing. I’m not done yet.

Change can be a great thing. Be willing to accept it and adapt to it. Sometimes it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s not the change we want. But you will adapt and YOU will become new from something old.

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