Sometimes daily routines are the hardest to appreciate. You usually wake up in the morning. Think of what responsibilities you have for the day then you get ready to take it on. You go to work. You work hard in a job you probably don’t always agree with. You think about the family while working and what you need to do for them today. You think about what to make for supper and any kind of entertainment for tonight that might be on the menu. You usually do all this while still putting up with all the crap you get from work. Someone has to take care of the family.

Then when you get off work you have to give yourself to the family. You pick them up from school. You take them to practice or lessons. You give their friend a ride home. You help with homework. You ask about work or school. You make supper. You do dishes. You pick up the house. You give and you give. You don’t do this for anything in return. You do it because your heart says it must be done.

You do all this everyday no matter how your day goes. Now I know we all have days where we don’t give 100% but we always give the max we can. This can get exhausting and repetitive. Day in and out. Always sacrificing and always moving forward. Some days you might be done. You might wanna throw in the towel and just lay in bed and never come out. But you dont. You cant. Sometimes you build up some resentment about it all because no one understands your stress. I can tell you personally when you get here. You need to step back. Step back and look at what you have. Your job might be stressful but it feed their stomachs. Your friends might not call as much but your family talks to you everyday. Your personal time might be smaller but their time away from you will grow longer and longer.

Then one day you will wake up and it will just be you. You will have all the time in the world and you will probably think how nice it would be to have one more busy day taking care of the family. One more day where they needed you every moment of your day.

When life has you busy it’s hard to stop and appreciate your happiness. Even if it’s just a tiny bit. Take time to appreciate that the stress you have is only because of the love you wanna give. Hold your family close. Tell them you love them. Tell them you will do anything for them and do it for them now. For one day they won’t need you as much.

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