I asked you for one favor as I crumbled at your door

To love me and support me as I laid there on the floor

You said you where there for me and whatever I need you’ll give

But then you used your anger and now I can’t forgive

This is just my problem and only I could fix what’s there

You have stripped any good from it left it raw and bare

You have let me down and now I cannot speak

To look you in the face is to know you are so weak

This was my personal issue I only asked for love

You instead act like a kid you had to push and shove

I hope you feel much better knowing your words are filled with hate

You are not an example of how a person should relate

I know you don’t understand why I always choose to care

But I will always be this way my love I’ll always share

Even if I’m hurting my heart will always give

For if I cannot love then what kind of life is this

So I won’t use my anger I won’t become like you

I’ll show you my love even though I’m hurting too

I’m sorry if your mad at me I just needed you to know

That this was not caring for me it was only for your show

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