I must tell you goodbye and shut off the light, that you put inside me and gave me life

Try to understand I wanted to keep, you in my day everyday of the week

But the more that I see you the more that I hurt, my life is now tarnished covered in dirt

I tried to hold on but i couldnt see, you being so happy in a life without me

It makes me feel selfish and eats me alive, that I couldn’t be the luckiest guy

I thought that I could stay within reach, but the pain broke my heart and it started to weep

These tears won’t dry while you are around, this life won’t sing without your sound

So ill pick up my soul from the ashes it lays, and dust off your presence of these last few days

So apart we must be it’s so hard for me, to think of your heart not standing by me

Goodbye my friend I will miss you Babu, Goodbye my friend I will always love you.

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