The other day I was having a bad day. Like really bad. I was tired and weak. I was lost. I didn’t reach out to anyone. I just continued as if everything was normal. Searching for every moment of alone time I could grasp so I could sulk in the bitterness of my despair. I was just sitting there alone thinking why do I even exist. Why have i had to endure so much loss and heartache. I hated myself and my life. I hated the choices I made and the choices that were made for me. I did not want this life.

Then in came a stranger. Innocent and naive. Someone who didn’t see my pain. Didn’t feel sorry for me. Offering a small moment of peace in a shattering life. It wasn’t thought out or planned. It was just given out of kindness from a gentle heart. To them it was nothing. To me it was change. In just a small moment I was given a new outlook. A new message to myself.

A stranger made a difference in my life that day by only being kind. They didn’t do it because I looked sad or depressed. They did it because thats who they are. They did nothing more but share their kindness and it changed my life.

Always pass your strangers with kindness. You never know how much that person right in front of you might need it. You may be the last person that has a chance of showing them, that it’s all ok.

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